Frequenty Asked Questions

Find the most frequently asked questions relating to anal and/or vaginal probes here.

Questions asked by anal or vaginal probe distributors

CE Certification

All our probes have the CE marking with the n° of the certification body.
I.e., CE 0459, for the LNE/G-Med.
Please do not hesitate to ask us for the pending certifications.

Are the probes guaranteed ?

Yes, the probes have a 1-year guarantee from the date of your invoice.
We replace probes which do not operate correctly with new ones.
Alternatively, they must be returned to us in their original packaging with the batch number.

Questions asked by those prescribing anal or vaginal probes

Is the colour important ?

None whatsoever in therapeutics.
Patients are given a choice of colours: e.g. young mothers can choose a colour according to the sex of their child.

Choosing the connectors

These are chosen according to your device, we propose all the connectors either on the probes or as fittings:

  • DIN : 3, 5, 6, mâle, female
  • BANANA, 2 mm, 4 mm, male, female

The other connectors are to order only, so please do not hesitate to ask us for a connector or probes with the connection of your choice.

Where can I order the probes ?

From your usual distributor. If they do not know them, they can easily make enquiries with us.

If you do not know the distributors of our probes, we can let you know where your nearest distributor is located (in your area or country).

Questions asked by anal or vaginal probe users

When should you use a probe ?

There are lots of cases, from mothers after giving birth, to the elderly as well as for lots of other health issues. For instance, during the menopause, prostate treatment, vaginal dysmorphia, weakness of the sphincter or perineum, prolapse, slack vulva, terminal constipation, etc.
Factors encouraging loss of urine: giving birth, enuresis, the practice of certain sports, certain health issues, etc.
In fact, it is best to talk about this with your practitioner, physiotherapist or midwife.

When should I start to treat my incontinence?

It is best to talk about this with your practitioner, physiotherapist or midwife quickly. In fact, rehabilitation with a probe means you can avoid or delay a surgical procedure.

Loss of urine is often due to a weakness of the sphincter and perineum. First signs of stress urinary incontinence: certain exertion leads to small losses of urine, laughing, key in lock syndrome, etc.nce d’effort : certains efforts entrainent une petite fuite, un éclat de rire, le syndrome de la clef devant sa porte, ..

How do I clean my probe ?

The simplest way is to wash it with soap and water, rinse it, dry it thoroughly and store it in its packaging.

Otherwise you can clean it with a disinfectant such as Anios following the instructions for use. These products are available in wipes.

Be careful not to wet the connector, nor to bend the probe outlet cable.

Can I use a probe with a coil ?

Yes, the probe does not touch the coil during the electrostimulation sessions.

However, you must inform your physiotherapist or midwife if you have a coil.

Is the therapy painful ?

Not usually. Your physiotherapist or midwife will know the pelvic floor rehabilitation procedures very well.

Your therapist chooses the model of probe to suit your anatomy. He or she will adapt the position of the probe with regard to the muscles to be stimulated. He or she then increases the requirements of your treatment as and when the sessions advance.

Can I use the same probe after having my second child ?

Yes, no problem, the probes have an expiry date of 5 years.

Check that you have kept it clean.

Otherwise, it is worth noting that the health insurance funds cover the cost of probes once a year subject to having a doctor’s prescription.

What should I do with the probe when I have finished my treatment ?

You have 3 possibilities :
– keep the probe in its packaging after it has been thoroughly cleaned
– dispose of it in your household waste
– give it to your therapist who will dispose of it in the infectious medical waste

We do not yet have an end of cycle life solution for the probes that is cleaner for the environment. We are however doing our utmost to ensure a minimum CO2 footprint by ensuring all our suppliers are as close as possible (93% in France, 48% in the area).

Can I use the probe with a home device ?

You can use your probe both in your therapist’s practice as well as at home with an electrostimulation device for incontinence.
Only the connection fitting requires changing. You can order a suitable fitting from us.
It is best for you to purchase your probe before the end of your treatment as your physiotherapist or midwife will indicate the programmes to be used for your treatment.
We supply devices with the fitting to match your probe. They are reimbursed if you have a doctor’s prescription.